xPress Prime

xChange product fulfillment through xPress Prime:

Through global partnerships, xChange can now offer global logistics and shipping to ensure products sold through our platform arrive on time and as ordered. Through our fulfillment system, xPress Prime, our buyers will be able to combine multiple orders into one cost-reducing international shipment, track the orders from our globally located vendors using a single online interface, and verify the orders at a central warehouse prior to shipment.

This kind of logistical management certainly reduces costs which allows big savings to be passed directly on to the buyers. And, through well placed partnerships xPress Prime can offer discounted rates from international carriers, with additional carriers signing on in the near future. Adding this service to xChange market place allows us to further enhance the buying experience and make shipping and delivery as simple and safe as possible.

Note, there is no minimum order quantity associated with this service. Buyers can order a single product or multiple products and benefit from the potential of our fulfillment system. Additionally, this new service allows even small businesses who buy through our site to participate, and have product delivery updates and/or track their shipments online, making it easier to manage international shipping for all

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